Here's the list of panelists for Crime Bake 2005 so far:

  PROFESSIONAL DETECTIVE:   Jerry Healy, Linda Barnes, Chuck Hogan

SEX AND VIOLENCE:   Kate Flora (moderator), Hallie Ephron, Bill Eidson, Joseph Finder

AMATUER DETECTIVE:   Leslie Meier, Leslie Wheeler (moderator), Frankie Bailey, Roberta Isleib

THRILLERS;   Tess Gerritson, Lisa Gardner, Mike Wiecek, Lynne Heitman (moderator)

BUILDING A MYSTERY:   Dana Cameron (moderator), Toni Kelner, Jan Brogan, Peter Abrahams

ROMANTIC SUSPENSE:   Patricia Lewin, Sylvie Kurtz, Joyce Sullivan, Joanna Novins

SPECIALIST, CRAFT:   Agents and Editors Answer Your Questions!

SPECIALIST, CRIME #1:   Skip Tracer/How to Disappear: Frank Ahearn

and there's more to come...